The standard lens Elmar of Leica camera is Tessar type
Elmar 50mm F3.5 This lens is an Elmar 5cm F3.5 lens which was made arround 1933 and it had been continued almost thirty years as a Leica standard lens from a Leica 1 model. It is possible to take photographs using it on the current version of the Leica M6 series. It still gets a sharp image. Most of old Leitz lenses are able to be used as interchangeable lenses of M series.

The right photo is my snap shot camera, Leica IIIf with 50mm Elmar and external finder. I usually take this combination for taking a walk. As the lens is collapsible and compact, its very much portable and F3.5 is enough speed for such out doors shooting. It is no need of high speed lens for the snap shots.

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