A Year of 1954

Around 1954, other camera makers worked hard making copies of Leica patterned after the Leica IIIf and old models.

Though many Leica copies were launched over the world, there were nothig equivarent to the cameras that Leitz made. They couldn't reach Leica technique by any means. No sooner than Leica M3 was launched into the field, they had to give up trying to compete with the Leica because of the advanced design of newer camear.

M3 Back This advanced high grade camera caused other makers to turn to the direction of SLR. This fortunately made Japan later become a camera monarchy, passing West Germany in the camera race.

It was known that SLR's specifications were much better than the range finder's on the age. But mirror blackout, and the big and heavy cameras made hardly any impact on the market. It was in the begining of 1960's that a quick return mirror and compact tele, wide and closeup lenses appeared.

Leitz was behind the time of developing SLR, as Leica M3 had no second keeped champion. The world wide trend towards to the more convenient Single Lens Reflex. This caused the readership to be transfered to Japan.

Lica M3