I purchased M3

It was early summer on 1988 that I got a used Leica M3 when I was traveling California. It costed $455. It was OK that the finder was working functionable in sunny California, but double image was weak after coming back to rainy season of Japan. After I thought the matter over, because an overhaul cost was almost the same price of the body, I asked it overhaul to the camera shop of Ginza. I could have the same grade in Japan after all. This Leica M3 was made in 1954, the year M3 was launched. How could I know the age? The body No.704500 on the top told me the age manufactured from the Leica Chronological table.
Leica M3

This early M3 has no selecter lever for finder frame, the film pressure plate was made of glass, the shutter speeds were not multiple series of numbers, also double stroke film winding. Thus, it is a bit difference from the later models. I love this M3, however. This M3 is still working well today. (T.Kubo)