A short Leica Chronicle

Lens Photo It is over seventy years since the first Leica was manufactured by Ernst Leitz in Wetzlar, Germany. Over 1,500,000 Leica cameras have been manufactured up to the present. The Leica had been attractive as a small and precise camera from the beginning, the age when the folding plate camera was popular on the field.

The first model of Leica camera was designed by Leitz engineer Oskar Barnack. Cameras of similar design have been manufacturing through the War period and postwar. Today, the cameras in this design are called Barnack-Leica in Japan in order to make difference from the new M type Leica, of which the first model was made in 1954.

Lica M3

The Leica M3 was announced for the first time in the autumn Foto Kina Germany in 1954. It was the start of the M series of Leica and continued to be manufactured today.