Why Leica M3 ?

Lens Photo Here you can see an Elmar 5cm F3.5 lens which was made in 1933 and had been continued in the same configuration almost thirty years as a Leica standard lens. It is possible to take photos using it on the current version of the Leica M6. It still gets a sharp image. Most of the old Leitz lenses are able to be used as interchangeable lenses on M series Leica.

Lens Photo An unique serial number has been put on the body from the beginning and strictly filed as a chronological table. You are able to know that when your camera was made or what type of camera you've got from the table.

After the War, the camera industry started copying Leica in Japan and in some other countries. A number of Leica mount lenses were manufactured. There were many excellent lenses among them that could be attached any camera of Leica make. It is said that Ihei Kimura who was a famous photographer in Japan especialy loved this Leica M3.